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Top 5 Solar Powered Universities

There are many alternative power sources that people are considering to use these days. The best thing about these alternate sources is that they are renewable, cheap, and environmentally friendly. One of these is solar power. Solar power is probably the most popular renewable energy source that more and more people are discovering to be beneficial. This is why many establishments are using it as their alternative source of power, instead of exclusively getting power from the huge power companies.

These days, schools and universities have switched to using solar power on their premises. This is their way to have energy without spending too much and be considered as an environmental advocate in society. These universities have seen the benefits of using solar power, instead of the energy coming from the big power companies. It is a good thing that more and more universities are switching to using solar power on their premises.

Universities that Use Solar Power

  1. Northwestern University

This university has installed a 16.8 kilowatt of solar panels to produce the needed energy for the entire school. The best thing about it is that it is the students who had the initiative to plan and raise funds for the solar power project.

  1. University of Arizona

This university has created a creative solar panel program where they have laid the panels on the campus parking garage. With this, the entire garage is packed with solar panels and can produce 28,095 kilowatts of energy for the school.

  1. Drexel University

This university has committed to becoming fully off-site, which means that it will entirely depend on solar power for its energy use. The best thing about the school’s program is that they intend to extend the use of solar power to everyone else in the community.

  1. Princeton University

This university has installed a system that can power up numerous laptops within the campus. Even on a cloudy day, the system can provide the needed energy by the school.

  1. Colorado State University

The solar power program of this university is so huge that it can generate an excessive amount of solar power annually. It has allotted 30 acres of the school premises for solar panel installation.

Solar power is renewable, clean, and cheap. It is highly recommended that more people should use this alternative energy source. Through the universities that use solar power, more people will become aware that it is readily available for everyone. Information on installation and benefits should be shared with more people, so many will consider switching to using it.

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